Revised:  JANUARY 2019


   General Information       5

I. Article 1. General Provisions       6

  A. Short Title        6

  B. Words and Phrases       6

  C. Water System        6

  D. Separability        6

  E. Pressure Conditions       6

  F. Tampering with District Property     6

  G. Penalty for Violation       6

  H. Ruling Final        7

II. Article 2. Definitions        7

  A. District         7

  B. Board         7

  C. Water District        7

  D. Distribution Mains       7

  E. Service or Service Connection     7

  F. Public Fire Protection Service     7

  G. Regular Water Service      7

  H. Temporary Water Service      7

  I. Private Fire Protection Service     8

  J. Customer Service Charge      8

  K. Premises        8

  L. Cross-Connection       8

  M. "Owner"        8

  N. "Person"        8

  O. Cost         8

  P. New Hook-Up Fee       8

III. Article 3. Notices        9

  A. Notice to Customers       9

  B. Notices from Customers      9

IV. Article 4. Water District        9

  A. Creation        9

  B. District Manager - Duties      9

  C. Utility Supervisor - Duties      9

  D. Id. - Violation, Repairs      9

  E. Id. - Supervision       9

  F. Compensation        9

V. Article 5. Application for Regular Water Service - Where No Main

   Extension Required      10

  A. Application for Water Service    10

  B. Undertaking of Applicant     10

  C. Deposits       10

  D. Payment for Previous Service     10

  E. Installation of Services     10

  F. Change in Customer's Equipment    10

VI. Article 6. Application for Regular Water Service – When Main

   Extension Required      11

  A. General       11

VII. Article 7. Subdivisions       11

  A. Application       11

  B. Id. - Contents       11

  C. Investigation       11

  D. Specifications and Construction     11

  E. Property of District      11    F. Connections       11

  G. Cost and Expenses      11

  H. Further Requirements      12

VIII. Article 8. General Use Regulations     12

  A. Number of Services Per Premises    12

  B. Supply to Separate Premises     12

  C. Water Waste       12

  D. Responsibility for Equipment on Customer's Premises 12

  E. Damage to Water System Facilities    12

  F. Ground-Wire Attachments     13

  G. Control Valve on the Customer Property   13

  H. Cross-Connections      13

  I. Interruptions in Service     13

  J. Ingress and Egress      13

  K. Regulation or Limitation of Water Use   13

  L. Non-Emergency On/Off Request    13

IX. Article 9. Meters        14

  A. Installation       14

  B. Service Connection      14

  C. Meter Installations      14

  D. Meter Reading       14

  E. Meter Tests - Deposits     14

  F. Adjustment for Meter Errors - Fast Meters   15

  G. Adjustment for Meter Errors - Slow Meters   15

  H. Non-Registering Meters     15

X. Article 10. Credit        15

  A. Establishment and Maintenance    15

  B. Guarantee Deposit      15

C. Loss and Re-establishment of Credit    15

  D. Refund of Deposit      15

XI. Article 11. Billing  / Payments      16

  A. Billing Period       16

  B. Opening        16

  C. Payment of Bills      16

D. Billing of Separate Meters not Combined   16

E. Unaccountable Water Loss Averaging   16

F. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization  16

G. Recurring Payment Authorization    16

XII. Article 12. Discontinuance of Service     17

  A. Disconnection for Non-Payment    17

  B. Reconnection Charge      17

  C. Unsafe Apparatus      17

  D. Cross-Connection      18

  E. Fraud or Abuse      18

  F. Non-Compliance with Regulations    18

  G. Upon Vacation Premises     18

XIII. Article 13. Collection of Unpaid Rates, Charges & Penalties  18    A. Penalty        18

  B. Suit        18

  C. Lien        18

  D. Delinquent Charges Added to Tax Roll   18

XIV. Article 14. Public Fire Protection      18

  A. Use of Fire Hydrants      18

  B. Hydrant Rental      18

  C. Moving of Fire Hydrants     18

XV. Article 15. Private Fire Protection Service    19

  A. Payment of Cost      19

  B. No Connection to Other Systems    19

  C. Use        19

  D. Meter Rates       19

  E. Monthly Minimum Rates     19

  F. Water for Fire Storage Tanks     19

 G. Violation of Agreement     19

 H. Water Pressure and Supply     19













Stagecoach General Improvement District Office is located at 5000 Navajo Trail, Stagecoach, NV 89429.  The mailing address is the same.

Office hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.  The office phone number is (775) 629-0849.

We usually have two maintenance men.  One is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies.  See names and numbers below.*


*JOE SENG   @ 775-721-1612


JIM WOODWARD  @ 775-720-7617

If you have any business you would like brought before the Board, please call the office to get on the Agenda.  The regular board meetings are the second Thursday of at least every other month at 3:30 P.M. in the Office.

Stagecoach General Improvement District observes all of the State holidays.

For your convenience there is a drop box located near the front door so you can drop your payment in or you can pay online at


 Animal Control:  577-5005

 For trash pick-up call Waste Management 882-9933

 Silver Springs Post Office 577-0703

 Dayton Post Office 246-7689

 Sheriff's Office Dispatch 577-5023 (not for emergencies, but to request a

  deputy, dog catcher, or notify of controlled burn.)  Phone 911 for


 NV Energy for electrical service 775 834-4444 or 800-962-0399.

 Southwest Gas Corp. for natural gas service 877-860-6020, located at 400

  Eagle Station Lane, Carson City.

 USA- Call before you dig 811

 Lyon County Fire Dept Burn Permit 775-246-6209

 Lyon County Fuel Management/ Weed Control 775-302-7117

 There are several propane companies around.




An ordinance establishing rates, rules and regulations for water service by the Stagecoach General Improvement District.

Be it ordained by the Board of Directors of the Stagecoach General Improvement

District, Lyon County, Nevada as follows:

I. Article 1.  General Provisions

 A. Short Title.  This Ordinance shall be known and may be cited as

  "Stagecoach General Improvement District Water Ordinance."

B. Words and Phrases.  For the purpose of this Ordinance, all words used herein in the present tense shall include the future; all words in the

 plural number shall include the singular number; and all words in the

 singular number shall include the plural number.

C. Water System.  The District will furnish a system, plant, works and

 undertaking used for and useful in obtaining, conserving and distributing

 water for public and private uses, including all parts of said system, all

 appurtenances to it, and lands, easements, rights in land, water rights,

 contract rights, legal rights, franchises, and other water supply, storage

 and distribution facilities and equipment.

D. Separability.  If any section, subsection, sentence, clause, or phrase of

 this Ordinance is for any reason held to be unconstitutional, such decision

 shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this Ordinance.

E. Pressure Conditions.  All applicants for service connections or water

 service shall be required to accept such conditions of pressure and service

 as are provided by the distribution system at the location of the proposed

 service connection, and to hold the District harmless for any damages

 arising out of low-pressure or high-pressure conditions or interruptions

 in service.  See Excessive Water Pressure Policy and Form on page 27 & 28.

F. Tampering with District Property.  No one except an employee or representative of the Board shall at any time in any manner operate the curb cocks or valves, main cocks, gates or valves of the District's system;

 or interfere with meters or their connections, street mains or other parts of the water system.  See Notice of NRS 704.800 on page 19.

G. Penalty for Violation.  For the failure of the customer to comply with all or any part of this Ordinance, or any ordinance, resolution or order fixing rates and charges of this District, or regulating the time or manner of water used by customers, the customer’s service shall be discontinued and the water shall not be supplied to such customer until he shall have complied with the rule or regulation, rate or charge which he has violated or, in the event he cannot comply with said rule or regulation, until he shall have satisfied the District that in the future he will comply with all rules and regulations established by ordinance of the District and with rates and charges of the District.  In addition thereto, he shall pay the District the reconnection service charge for renewal of his service..

H. Ruling Final.  All rulings of the Board shall be final.  All rulings of the District Manager shall be final unless appealed, in writing, to the Board within sixty days after receipt of notice of such ruling.  When appealed, the Board's ruling shall be final.

II. Article 2.  Definitions

 A. District - means Stagecoach General Improvement District.

 B. Board - means the Board of Directors (Trustees) of the District.

 C. Water District - means the Board of Directors of the district performing

functions related to the District water service, together with the District Manager and other duly authorized representatives, and/or employees.

D. Distribution Mains -means water lines in streets, high-ways, alleys, and

 easements used for public and private fire protection and for general

 distribution of water.

E. Service or Service Connection - means the pipeline and appurtenant

 facilities such as the curb stop, meter and meter box, if any, all used

 to extend water service from a distribution main to premises.  Where

 services are divided at the curb or property line to serve several customers,

 each such branch service shall be deemed a separate service.

F. Public Fire Protection Service - means the service and facilities of the

 entire water supply, storage, and distribution system of the District,

 including the fire hydrants affixed thereto, and the water available for

 fire protection, excepting house service connections and appurtenances


G. Regular Water Service - means water service and facilities rendered

 for normal domestic, commercial and industrial purposes on a

 permanent basis, and the water available therefore.

H. Temporary Water Service - means water service and facilities rendered

 for construction work and other use of limited duration, and the water

 available therefore.

I. Private Fire Protection Service - means water service and facilities for

 building sprinkler systems, hydrants, hose reels and other facilities

 installed on private property for fire protection and the water available


J. Customer Service Charge - means a dollar amount, per hour, for work

 performed by the District employees and set by the Board; to be reviewed

 periodically.  See the list of rates and charges on pages 20 -22.

K. Premises - means a lot or parcel of real property under one or more

 ownerships, except where there are well defined boundaries or

 partitions such as fences, hedges, or other restrictions preventing the

 common use of the property by several tenants, in which case each portion

shall be deemed separate premises.  Apartment houses and office buildings and structures of like nature may be classified as single premises.

L. Cross-Connection - means any physical connection between the piping system from the District service and that of any other water supply that is not, or cannot be, approved as safe and potable for human consumption,

 whereby water from the unapproved source may be forced or drawn into the District distribution mains.

M. "Owner" - means the person owning the fee, or the person in whose name the legal title to the property appears, by deed duly recorded in the County Recorder's Office, or the person in possession of the property or buildings under claims of, or exercising acts of ownership over same for himself, or as executor, administrator guardian or trustee of the owner.

N.  "Person" - means any human being, individual, firm, company, partnership, association and private or public or municipal corporations, the United States of America, the State of Nevada, districts and all political subdivisions, governmental agencies and mandataries thereof.

 O. Cost - means the cost of labor, materials, transportation, supervision, engineering, and all other necessary overhead expenses.

 P. New Hook-Up Fee - means a fee, set by the Board that is charged a new customer for water service in addition to the cost of labor, materials, supplies and equipment.  See the list of rates and charges on pages 20-22.

III.  Article 3.  Notices

A. Notice to Customers.  Notice from the District to a customer will normally be given in writing, and either delivered or mailed to him at his last known address.  Where conditions warrant, and in emergencies, the District may resort to notice - either by telephone or messenger.

B. Notices from Customers.  Notices from customers to the District may be given by customer's authorized representatives in writing: 1) at the District's operating office, 2) to the District Manager or 3) to an officer or agent duly authorized by the Board or District Manager to receive notices or complaints.

IV. Article 4.  Water District

A.  Creation.  The water district was created by an Ordinance of the Lyon County Commissioners in May 1984 to provide water service to the customers of the bankrupt Stagecoach Utilities.  The Stagecoach General

 Improvement District was established under the provisions of Nevada Revised Statute 318 inclusive.  It is run by a five member Board elected by the registered voters within the District Boundaries.  

B. District Manager - Duties.  The District Manager is responsible for all day to day operations of the office and is also responsible for directing the operations of the District.  The District Manager supervises the other positions and answers to the Board of Directors.

C. Utility Supervisor - Duties.  The Utility Supervisor shall regularly inspect all physical facilities related to the District Water System, to see that they are in good repair and proper working order, and to note violations of any water regulations, as well as supervising the Utility Worker.  The Utility Supervisor works in conjunction with the District Manager on all phases of the operation of the District.

D. Id. - Violation, Repairs.  The Utility Supervisor shall promptly report any violation or disrepair to the Manager, who will report it to the Board if Board action is required.  If the work required is in the nature of any emergency, the Utility Supervisor shall take whatever steps are necessary to maintain service to customers pending action by the Manager or Board.

E. Id. - Supervision.  The Utility Supervisor shall supervise all repairs or construction work authorized, and perform any other duties prescribed elsewhere in this Ordinance or which shall be hereafter prescribed by the Board or Manager.

F. Compensation.  All employees shall receive such compensation as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

V. Article 5.  Application for Regular Water Service - Where No Main

        Extension Required.

A. Application for Water Service.  Application for Regular Water Service, where no main extension is required, shall be made upon a form provided by the District.

B. Undertaking of Applicant.  Such application will signify the customer's willingness and intention to comply with this and other Ordinances or Regulations relating to the regular water service required.

 An application for service must be filled out and signed by each customer on which they agree to the responsibility for payment of water bills.

C. Deposits. A deposit equal to three months' base water bills will be required of all property owners establishing service for the first time to any given lot.  This deposit will be credited against the account at the end of one year as stated in Article 10, B.  However, if a property owner desires that service be discontinued if a residence is vacant, the deposit will be held on a continuing basis.

 Renters/Lessees can establish service upon payment of a deposit equal to 3 months base rate water bills.  This deposit will be credited against the account at the end of one year of continuous service, provided there are no late and/or returned payments.  Credit of Deposit must be approved by property owner or manager.  No interest will be paid on Deposits.

D. Payment for Previous Service.  An application will not be honored unless payment in full has been made for water service previously rendered to the applicant by the District.

E. Installation of Service.   Service installations will be made only to property abutting on public streets or abutting on such distribution mains as may be constructed in alleys or easements, at the convenience of the Water District.  Services installed in new subdivisions or "expansion" lots prior to the construction of streets or in advance of street improvement must be accepted by the applicant in the installed location.

F. Change in Customer's Equipment.  Customers making any material changes in the size, character or extent of the equipment or operations utilizing water service, or whose change in operations results in a large increase in the use of water, shall immediately give the District written notice of the nature of change and, if necessary, amend their application.

VI. Article 6.  Application for Regular Water Service - When Main Extension


A. General.  Where an extension of the distribution mains is necessary or a substantial investment is required to furnish service, the applicant will be informed by the District as to the terms and conditions under which such extension can be made.

VII. Article 7.  Subdivisions.

A. Application.  A person desiring to provide a water system within a tract of land, which he proposes to subdivide, shall make written application for water service to such tract.

B. Id. - Contents.  The application shall state the number of the tract, the name of the subdivision and its location.  It shall be accompanied by a copy of the tentative map, and of the plans, profiles and specifications for the street work, water lines, appurtenances, and sanitary works.

C. Investigation.  Upon receiving the application, the District Manager and Utility Supervisor shall make an investigation of the proposed subdivision and shall report their finding to the Board, including a recommendation as to the facilities required.  To assist the Manager and Supervisor in making said investigation and report the Board may engage the services of a Consulting Engineer.  The size, type and quality of materials shall be in accordance with the District's Distribution Standards and Specifications in effect at the time of the application.

D. Specifications and Construction.  Location of the lines shall be specified by the Water District, and the actual construction will be done at the expense of the sub-divider, supervised and inspected by the District Manager, Utility Supervisor, or District's Engineer.  Fire hydrants shall be located according to the Universal Fire Code in effect at the time of construction.

E. Property of District.  All facilities and easements shall be the property of the District and shall be conveyed to the District by a proper instrument, in writing, at the time the application is submitted to the District, or before work begins on the water portion of the project.

F. Connections.  The sub-divider shall, at his cost, provide all connections to residences constructed by him, as provided herein and in the District's Water Distribution Standards and Specification in effect at the time of the application.

G. Costs and Expenses.  All costs and expenses incurred by the District under this article, including the cost of investigation, inspection and consulting engineer's services shall be paid to the District by the sub-divider prior to approval of the application.

H. Further Requirements.  In granting an application, the Board may make whatever further requirements may appear to be necessary.

VIII.  Article 8.  General Use Regulations

A. Number of Services Per Premises.  The applicant may apply for as many services as may be reasonably required for his premises, provided that the pipeline system from each service be independent of the others and that they not be interconnected.  The cost of all services will be borne by the applicant.

B. Supply to Separate Premises.  Not more than one premise shall be serviced from each service connection.  No customer shall knowingly provide water to be used at a separate location.

C. Water Waste.  No customer shall knowingly permit leaks or water waste.  Where water is wastefully or negligently used on a customer's premises, affecting the general service, the District may discontinue the service if such conditions are not corrected within thirty days after giving the customer written notice.  The customer will not, however, be charged a reconnect fee.

D. Responsibility for Equipment on Customers Premises.  All facilities installed by the District on private property for the purpose of rendering water service shall remain the property of the District and may be maintained, repaired, or replaced by the Improvement District without consent or interference of the owner or occupant of the property.  The property owner shall use reasonable care in the protection of the facilities.  No person shall place or permit the placement of any object in a manner that will interfere with the free access to a meter box or will interfere with the reading of a meter.

E. Damage to Water System Facilities.   The customer shall be liable for any damage to the District-owned customer water service facilities when such damage is from cause originating on the premises by an act of the customer or his tenants, agents, employees, contractors, licensees or permitees, including the breaking or destruction of locks by the customer or others on or near a meter, and any damage to a meter that may result from hot water or steam from a boiler or heater on the customer's premises.  The customer for any damage upon presentation of a bill shall promptly reimburse the District.  See the list of rates and charges on pages 20-22.

F. Ground-Wire Attachments.  All persons are forbidden to attach any ground wire or wires to any plumbing that is or may be connected to a service connection or main belonging to the District; the District will hold the customer liable for any damage to its property occasioned by such ground-wire attachments.

G. Control Valve on the Customer Property.  The customer will be provided a valve on his side of the service installation as close as is practical to the meter location, street, alley or easement in which the water main serving the customer's property is located, to control the flow of water to the piping on his premises.  The customer shall not use the service curb stop to turn water on and off for his convenience.

H. Cross-Connections.  The District complies with the State and Federal laws governing the separation of dual water systems or installations of back-flow protective devices to protect the public water supply from the danger of cross-connections.  The District installs back-flow protective devices as near the service as possible.

I. Interruptions in Service.  The District shall not be liable for damage that may result from an interruption in service from a cause beyond the control of the Water District.  Temporary shutdowns may be made by the Water District to make improvements and repairs.  Whenever possible and as time permits, all customers affected will be notified prior to making such shutdowns.  The District will not be liable for interruption, shortage or insufficiency of supply, or for any loss or damage occasioned thereby, if caused by accident, act of God, fire, strikes, riots, war or any other cause not within its control.

J. Ingress and Egress.  Representatives from the District shall have the right of ingress and egress to the customer premises at reasonable hours for any purpose reasonably connected with the furnishing of water service.

 Property owners are responsible to make sure that fences allow access to the meter boxes by the meter reader and to provide protection from dogs.

K. Regulation or Limitation of Water Use.  The Board may, from time to time, by ordinance, resolution or order, prescribe regulations or limitations concerning use of water by customers.  A copy of the District's Conservation Plan is available upon request.

L. Non-Emergency On/Off Request. Customers will be allowed one (1) non-emergency on/off per month at no charge.  A $20.00 fee will be billed for each additional request occurring within that same month.  All requests must be made during regular business hours.  The Stagecoach GID will not be responsible for over usage if, due to unforeseen circumstances, Staff is unable to Turn Off at requested time.

IX. Article 9.  Meters

A. Installation.  All services shall be metered.  The service connection, whether located on public or private property, is the property of the District, and the District reserves the right to repair, replace and maintain it, as well as to remove it upon discontinuance of service.

B. Service Connection.  When service has been approved by the District, the District will furnish and install such service.  The service will be installed from its water distribution main to the curb line or property line of the premises that may abut on the street or other thoroughfares, or on the District right-of-way or easement.  If a service has never before been provided to a lot, a hook-up fee will be required to be paid in full before service will be given.  Charges for new hook-ups shall be in accordance with rates established by the Board by minute order from time to time or by this Ordinance.  See the list of rates and charges on pages 20-22.

 Only duly authorized employees or agents of the District will be permitted to install a service connection from the District's main to the customer's premises.

C. Meter Installations.  Meters will be installed at the curb or within the easement and shall be owned, installed and removed by the District.  The District will pay no rent or other charge for a meter or other facilities, including housing and connections located on a customer's premises.  The District will seal all meters at the time of installation and no seal shall be altered or broken except by one of its authorized employees or agents.

            D. Meter Reading.  Meters will be read on the 1st business day of every month.   For billing periods less than 28                      days for new customers, the bills will be prorated.

E.  Meter Tests – Deposits.  All meters will be tested prior to installation and no      meter will be installed which registers more than ten percent fast.  SGID personnel will field-test a customer’s meter for no charge if the customer feels the meter is not registering properly.  If a customer desires to have the meter serving his premises tested by an approved testing facility they shall first deposit a sum of money to equal two hours of Water District customer service charges.  Should the meter register more than ten percent fast, the District will return the deposit, and the meter replaced.  If the meter proves to be within acceptable limits the deposit will be kept and any additional charges will be billed to the customer.

F. Adjustment for Meter Errors - Fast Meters.  If a meter tested at the request of a customer pursuant to a meter test is found to be more than ten percent fast, the excess charges for the period of service in question shall be credited to the customer.

G. Adjustment for Meter Errors - Slow Meters.  If a meter tested at the request of a customer pursuant to a meter test is found to be more than ten percent slow the District may bill the customer for the amount of the undercharge, based upon corrected meter readings for the period in question.

H. Non-registering Meters.  If a meter is found to be not registering, the charge for service shall be at the minimum monthly rate or based on the estimated consumption, whichever is greater.  Such estimate shall be made from previous consumption for a comparable period or by such other method as is determined by the Water District, and its decision shall be final.

X. Article 10. Credit

A. Establishment and Maintenance.  Each applicant for service shall establish and maintain credit to the satisfaction of the District by a guarantee deposit, as hereinafter provided, before service will be rendered.  See list of rates and charges on pages 20-22.

B. Guarantee Deposit.  The amount of deposit required is three times the minimum monthly water rate.  No interest will be paid on guarantee deposits.  Deposits are required on all new applications for service.

 No credit references will be accepted in lieu of a deposit.

C. Loss and Re-Establishment of Credit.  Any amount due for water service that remains unpaid after the end of the month in which the bill was sent for water service shall be subject to discontinuance.  The bill, plus a re-connect charge must be paid before service is restored.

D. Refund of Deposit.  At the end of one (1) year of continuous service this deposit will be applied to the customer's bill unless the customer is late 1 time within that year.  If the customer is late once in any given period of that year, the refund date will be adjusted accordingly.  This section was revised by the Board at a meeting held January 13, 1999.

 If the customer moves before the year is up, the deposit will be refunded, providing the bill is paid in full.

 For customers who voluntarily schedule shut-offs while gone for the winter, etc., the deposit will not be credited unless requested.  If the deposit is credited or refunded, a new deposit will be required when a turn on is requested.

XI. Article 11. Billing / Payments

A. Billing Period.  The regular billing period will be monthly, from the 1st or 2nd of every month depending on the route of residence to the same day the following month.

B. Opening and Closing Bills.  Opening and closing bills for less than the normal billing period shall be prorated for the minimum charge, but any amount over the base will be billed at the established rate.  See list of rates and charges on pages 20-22.

C. Payment of Bills.  Bills for water service must be sent from the office no later than the 10th of each month.  Bills are due by the 25th of the month and become past due on the first of the following month.

 Advance payments will be accepted as long as the customer understands that extra usage will be billed.

 Owners of record will ultimately be held responsible for unpaid bills.

D. Billing of Separate Meters Not Combined.  Separate bills will be rendered for each service connection or meter installation.

E. Unaccountable Water Loss Averaging.  If a customer experiences a loss of water that cannot be accounted for the Board of Directors may reduce that single month's bill to an average of the summer (May through October) or winter's (November through April) monthly average, provided that the following conditions are met:

1. The bill for the month of unaccountable water loss is more than twice the average.

2. There is no apparent unaccountable use of the water.

F. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization.  When you provide a check as payment you authorize the Stagecoach GID to use the information from your check to process a one-time Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or draft drawn from your account or process the payment as a check.

G. Recurring Payment Authorization.  Customers using this service authorize the Stagecoach GID to initiate debit entries to his or her designated account and agree to terms and conditions of the Agreement for Pre-Authorized Payment.


 Any questionable billed amounts may be appealed to the Board of Directors.  The Board's decision is final.

 A time limit of ninety (90) days is established for customers to dispute bill discrepancies.  Disputes must be submitted in writing.

 Adopted by the Board 03/08/2012.

XII.  Article 12. Discontinuance of Service.

A. Disconnection for Non-Payment.  Service shall be discontinued for non-payment of bills not paid by the last day of the month in which the bill was sent.  Notices are posted to the residence and the water will be shut off on the day stated on the notice, usually 24 hours after the notice.

 If a customer receives a disconnect notice and makes arrangements to pay at a later date and then fails to do so, no new notice will be posted, the customer will be shut off and charged a reconnect fee.  Only one arrangement can be made, if the customer cannot pay at the arranged date, they will be shut off.

 Effective January 1, 1990, unless prior arrangements are made, any partial payment where the balance is more than $10.00 may be refused.  Unpaid balances of $10.00 or more will be treated as non-payment of a bill and the shut-off procedure will be followed.

 The failure of the District to send or any such person to receive such notice shall not affect the District's power hereunder.

 A customer's water service may be discontinued if water service furnished at a previous location is not paid for within the time herein fixed for the payment of bills.

 If a customer receives water service at more than one location and the bill for service at any one location is not paid within the time provided for payment, water service at all locations may be turned off.

 Service can be terminated if any Individual, Firm, Company, Partnership, Association and Private or Public Corporation/Entity accesses or tampers with any Stagecoach GID meter box and/or appurtenances.

B. Reconnection Charge.  A service charge will be levied on customers who have to be reconnected due to shut-off for non-payment of delinquent accounts.  See list of rates and charges on pages 20-22.

C. Unsafe Apparatus.  Water service may be refused or discontinued to any premises where apparatus or appliances are in use which might endanger or disturb the service to other customers.   

D. Cross-Connection.  Water service may be refused or discontinued to any premises where there exists a cross-connection in violation of State or Federal laws or this Ordinance.

E. Fraud or Abuse.  Service may be discontinued, if necessary, to protect the District against fraud or abuse.

F. Non-Compliance with Regulations.  Service may be discontinued for non-compliance with this or any other ordinance or regulations relating to the water service.

G. Upon Vacating Premises.  Customers desiring to discontinue service should so notify the Water District five days prior to vacating the premises.  Unless discontinuance of service is ordered, the customer shall be liable for charges, whether or not any water is used.

XIII. Article 13. Collection of Unpaid Rates, Charges & Penalties.

A. Penalty.  Rates and charges that are not paid on or before the last day of the month following the end of the billing period for which charges are due shall be subject to a penalty of 10%

B. Suit.  All unpaid rates, charges and penalties herein provided may be collected

by suit.  Defendant shall pay all costs of suit in any judgment rendered in favor of the District.

C. Lien. All unpaid rates, charges and penalties herein provided may be collected

by lien against property.  Property owner shall pay all costs incurred with lien.

        D.  Delinquent Charges Added to Tax Roll.  Reference NRS 244.36605

XIV. Article 14. Public Fire Protection

A. Use of Fire Hydrants.  Fire hydrants are for use by the District or by organized fire protection agencies pursuant to contract with the District.  Other parties desiring to use fire hydrants for any purpose must first obtain written permission from the Water District prior to use and shall operate the hydrant in accordance with instructions issued by the Water District.  Unauthorized use of hydrants will be prosecuted according to law.

B. Hydrant Rental.  A charge, to be determined by contract between the District and organized fire protection agencies, may be imposed for hydrant maintenance and water used for public fire protection.

C. Moving of Fire Hydrants.  When a fire hydrant has been installed in the location specified by the proper authority, the District has fulfilled its obligation.  If a property owner or other party desires a change in the size, type or location of the hydrant, he shall bear all costs of such changes, without refund.  Any change in the location of a fire hydrant must be approved by the proper authority.

XV. Article 15. Private Fire Protection Service

A. Payment of Cost.  The applicant for private fire protection service not currently installed shall pay the total actual cost of installation of the service from the distribution main to the customer's premises, including the cost of a detector check meter or other suitable and equivalent device, valve and meter box, and installation to become the property of the District.

B. No Connection to Other Systems.  There shall be no connections between this fire protection system and any other distribution system on the premises.

C. Use.  There shall be no water used through the fire protection service except to extinguish accidental fires and for testing the fire-fighting equipment, unless approved by the District Manager and/or the Board.

D. Meter Rates.  Any consumption recorded on the meter will be charged for at a rate set by the District except that no charge will be made for water used to extinguish accidental fires where such fires have been reported to the duly authorized fire protection agency.

E. Monthly Minimum Rate.  The monthly minimum rates for private fire protection shall be those established by the Board.

F. Water for Fire Storage Tanks.  Occasionally, water may be obtained from a private fire service for filling a tank connected with the fire service, but only if written permission is secured from the District in advance and an approved means of measurement is available.  The water rates will be set by the Water District.

G. Violation of Agreement.  If water is used from a private fire service in violation of the agreement or of these regulations, the District may, at its option, discontinue and remove service.

H. Water Pressure and Supply.  The Water District assumes no responsibility for loss or damage due to lack of water or pressure and merely agrees to furnish such quantities and pressures as are available in its general distribution system.  The service is subject to shutdowns and variations required by the operation of the system


Water Rates: The base rate for up to 25,000 gallons of water is $61.00.*  For every 1,000 gallons over 25,000, $3.00 will be charged.  *As of July 1, 2017 per Resolution Adopted by the Board on 03/07/2017.

 Base water rate will increase annually July 1, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 a base-rate increase of $1.00 monthly.

Resolution Adopted by the Board on March 7, 2017

Deposits: A deposit equal to three months' base water bills will be charged to all new customers.  ($183.00 is the current deposit required.)

Disconnect Notice Fee: A $15.00 fee will be charged to all customers who receive a disconnect notice.  This fee was adopted by the Board on April 10, 2003.  

Re-Connect Fee: A $35.00* re-connect fee will be charged for any water turned off for non-payment. *As of Aug. 14, 2003

Field Collection Fee: If a customer has been given a shut-off notice and waits until the maintenance personnel come to shut them off and then pay that person or make arrangements for payment, they will be assessed a $17.50* field collection fee.

Late Charges: A 10% penalty will be charged on all past-due bills, except when a 10% late charge already exists.  In that case, 1.5% is charged on the already existing late charge and 10% on any other charges.

Returned Payment Charge: A $35.00 charge will be levied for any returned payment.  If a customer can get verification from the bank that it was the bank's error, then the $35.00 fee will be waived.  If two returned payments are received in one year, only cash or money orders will be accepted.  Payment by Online/Credit Debit and/or Check payment will again be accepted after one year of being on a cash or money order basis.

New Account Charge: A $15.00* service charge will be billed to all new accounts.  This includes customers transferring service from one location to another.

Weekend/After Hours: $45.00 will be billed if water service is requested after regular working hours, on holidays, or weekends.  This applies to new service and/or re-establishment of service.

Non-Emergency On/Off

Charge: Customers will be allowed one (1) non-emergency turn on/off per month at no charge.  A $20.00 fee will be billed for each additional request occurring within that same month.

 As adopted by the Board 07/14/16

Damage Charges: If anyone damages SGID property and the staff is required to make repairs, the person or company causing the damage will be billed $100.00 per hour per person plus any parts required.

Customer Service Charge: If a customer is aware of where his shut-off valve is located and still calls the maintenance personnel out after regular working hours to turn the water off, or on, they will be billed a $25.00 service call charge.  The customer will be made aware one time of the location of their shut-off valve.

 This also applies for various other services performed by the District that are beyond their scope of duties.

Credit / Debit Card

Transaction Fees *A charge of 3% (of payment amount) will be added to all payments made with Credit or Debit Cards.

 Fee change adopted by the Board on 07/14/16.

ACH (Checking) *A charge of .45 cents will be added to all payments made by ACH (checking) transaction.

 As adopted by the Board 07/14/16

 *The District does not currently charge the fees for Credit/Debit or ACH transactions but reserves the right to implement these fees if deemed necessary in the future.

Hook-Up Fees/District

Lots: If a hook-up fee has not been paid for a lot that was within the original district boundaries, a $5,000.00* fee must be paid before service will be installed.  *As of Jan. 1, 2008.

Hook-Up Fees/Expansion

Lots: For every lot that is included into the District by petition, for purpose of water service, a $5,000.00 fee must be paid before service will be installed.

Hook-Up Fees/Commercial

Lots: The following fee schedule will be the basis for

Adopted 10/24/96 assessing commercial hook-up fees:

Equiv. Residential Units Connection Fee **Dedication of Wtr. Rgts.

        1 (600 gpd) 1 x res. fee         None

        2 (1200 gpd) 2 x res. fee     .67 acre feet

        3 (1800 gpd) 3 x res. fee   1.34 acre feet

        4 (2400 gpd) 4 x res. fee   2.01 acre feet

Plus additional cost for meter larger than ¾ x 5/8.

See "Commercial Water Connection Fee Policy" on page 29 for more information.

**Dedication of Water Rights Requirement was lowered at 10/13/2005 Board Meeting


Base rate (up to 25,000 gallons) based on meter size plus additional charges for usage

over 25,000.

Meter Size:  Base:

1"  $ 82.90

1 ½"  $ 102.01

2"  $129.80

3"  $186.60

4"  $244.11

6"  $358.49

Usage over 25,000 gallons:

     $3.50/1,000 up to and including 50,000 gallons

     $4.00/1,000 from 51,000 to 100,000 gallons

     $5.00/1,000 for 101,000 gallons and above

Rates will increase annually July 1, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 a base-rate increase of $1.00 monthly.

Resolution Adopted by the Board on March 7, 2017

Rate Change Effective NOTICE

Under Nevada Revised Statutes, it is a crime to willfully, with the intent to injure or

defraud, tamper with any pipe, meter or other apparatus belonging to a utility.  (N.R.S.




Notice to SGID Customers

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Any individual, firm, company, partnership, association and private or public municipal corporations desiring access to and use of water within our District, whether it be residential, commercial or construction water shall make written application for water service to the District and pay all appropriate fees involved with such request.

Anyone accessing water without the District’s knowledge will be subject to the following fines (based on residential rates):

1st Offense = $450.00

2nd Offense = $850.00

3rd Offense = $1600.00

In addition to payment of fine, the offending party is liable for any and all damage done to our system when such damage is caused by the offending party or his tenants, agents, employees, contractors, licensees or permitees.

It is against the law to tamper with any pipe, meter or other apparatus belonging to a Utility.  (NRS 704.800)

*Adopted by the Board on May 20, 2004

In 1986 Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act which requires all water systems

to notify their customers about possible lead contamination in drinking water.  Although

the water here in the District is well below the current EPA standards and is constantly

monitored for water quality, you may want to check your water as it comes from the tap.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets drinking water standards

and has determined that lead is a health concern at certain levels of exposure.  There is

currently a standard of 0.050 parts per million (ppm).  Based on new health information,

EPA is likely to lower this standard significantly.

Please be advised that there are no lead pipes within the distribution system, and the

G.I.D. has water that is not corrosive; therefore it is very unlikely that lead will be

leached into the system.

Part of the purpose of this notice is to inform you of the potential adverse health effects

of lead.  This is being done even though your water may not be in violation of the

current standard.

EPA and others are concerned about lead in drinking water.  Too much lead in the

human body can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and

red blood cells.  The greatest risk even with short-term exposure, is to young

children and pregnant women.

Lead levels in your water are likely to be highest:

 -if your home or water system has lead pipes, or

 -if your home has copper pipes with lead solder, and

 -if the home is less than five years old, or

 -if you have soft or acidic water, or

 -if water sits in the pipes for several hours.

Lead piping and lead solder are two of the most common sources of lead in domestic

drinking water; however, you can often spot these through home inspection, or you

can have a plumber inspect your home for lead-containing materials.  But, the only

sure way of knowing the lead content of your water is to have it tested by a

competent laboratory.

The Stagecoach General Improvement District has information from the EPA about water testing.  In the meantime, there are a couple of ways to reduce the risk from lead contamination:

1. Use only water from the cold faucet for drinking, cooking and preparing baby formulas.

Stagecoach General Improvement District

Lead Notification (continued)

2. Let the water run for several minutes before using to flush the system; however, if you have recently showered or flushed the toilets, or done laundry with cold water, the flushing time should only take 5 to 30 seconds.

Let us stress that we are not implying that there is any contamination in the water in Stagecoach, and it is not necessary to seek other sources of water unless your water exceeds the standards.

If you require more information or would like the booklet provided by the

EPA, please contact Teri Hurt at 629-0849 between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

Monday through Friday.


Board of Directors

Stagecoach General Improvement District

By:  Lynne Arndell



Some areas in Stagecoach are known to have water pressure in excess of eighty (80)

pounds per square inch (551 kPa).  Where local static water pressure is in excess of

eighty (80) pounds per square inch (551kPa), an approved type pressure regulator

preceded by an adequate strainer shall be installed, by the developer, and the static

pressure reduced to eighty (80) pounds per square inch (551kPa) or less.  Approved

regulators with integral bypasses are acceptable.  Each such regulator and strainer

shall be accessibly located and shall have the strainer readily accessible for maintenance

by the owner without removing the regulator or strainer body or disconnecting the

supply piping.

Installation (if in the meter box) needs approval by SGID personnel before water service

will be allowed.  SGID will be responsible for maintenance.

We will provide pressure checks upon request the first time at no charge.  Additional

checks will be $10.00 each.

This policy adopted by the Board of Directors on February 8, 1996 applies to hook-

ups after this date.  Hook-ups prior to February 8, 1996 will have regulators installed

in the meter box at no cost and will be maintained by SGID personnel only.


Some areas in Stagecoach are known to have water pressure in excess of eighty (80)

pounds per square inch (551kPa).  The local static water pressure taken at this

location, lot ________, unit ___________, on ___________________________,

has been found to be __________pounds per square inch.  We will provide pressure

checks upon request the first time at no charge.  Each additional check will cost $10.00.

Pressure regulators are available for purchase, at cost, from the SGID.

______YES - I want the SGID to sell me a pressure regulator.  I understand that the

cost of the regulator, $__________ will be billed to my account.  I will install this

regulator on my premises.

______NO - I will purchase a pressure regulator and install it on my premises.

______YES - Please install regulator in the meter box for no charge.  I understand

that I am not to get into the meter box to adjust the regulator.




The ____ owner ____ SGID will be responsible for maintenance after installation.


______NO - I accept such conditions of pressure as provided by the system, and hold

the SGID harmless for any damages arising out of high-pressure conditions.




The assessment of connection fees for commercial users will be based on an equivalent

residential unit.  The equivalent residential unit is defined as the amount of water that an

average residential connection is allotted, which is 600 gallons per day (gpd).

For commercial connections the hook-up fee will be based on the total equivalent

residential units of the proposed commercial development (eru’s x $5,000.00).

The Stagecoach General Improvement District will assign the total equivalent residential

Units, in multiples of whole units to each development based on water use information provided by a licensed professional engineer for the commercial connection contemplated.  The information provided to the District shall include estimated water use (with supporting calculations), size of meter, service line size and type of back-flow prevention device for the type of water service contemplated.  The hook-up fee does not include the installation of the water service or water meter.  The installation of the service is the responsibility of the customer and must be installed by a licensed contractor to S.G.I.D.’s standards and specifications.

Any other equipment such as fire hydrants (required by the State Fire Marshall or S.G.I.D.), back-flow prevention devices, air-relief valves, pressure-reducing valves, permits, and water main extensions will be the responsibility of the customer and must be installed by a licensed contractor to S.G.I.D.’s standards and specifications.

At the customer’s request the service and or any equipment will be installed by S.G.I.D. at actual cost.  Estimated project cost will be paid before progress of work begins.

Water rights shall be dedicated to the District for all connections that exceed one Equivalent Residential Unit.  Water rights in the amount of the ERU’s assigned to the commercial connection shall be dedicated to the District for which all costs to make such water right transfer is the responsibility of the customer.  **.67 acre-feet per ERU is required unless a different amount is required by the State of Nevada, Division of Water Resources, State Water Rights Engineer.

All fees for connection shall be collected at the time application is made for water service.  Transfer of water rights shall be completed before the District will turn on the customer’s service.

*If a commercial hook-up is done to service multiple residences on a parcel and the parcel is later subdivided, as soon as one of the divided parcels is sold, it becomes a separate lot and is no longer considered to be commercial.  Hook-up fees and residential rates will then apply to that separate lot.

 ** Water Rts. Dedication Requirement lowered at 10/13/05 Board Meeting

*Decision of the Board at May 1999 meeting after discussion with Scott Cummings regarding property located on Sioux Lane.


                                                                                                                                  Revision Date:  02/22/2019

This is to inform you that the Board Members as of January 2019 will be:

Name Title   Address   Phone

James Moore                  Chairman             5030 Hackamore Ln   775-772-5790   

Marjorie Gartenberg        Member at Large   7750 Cheyenne Trail  775-629-9697

Rolland “Gene” Ray         Treasurer            8260 Iroquois Trail  775-629-9458

Joe Catanzarite             Member at Large     201 David Ave  209-815-3260

Vicki Aveiro                   Secretary             5150 Desert Lane  775-629-0316





1. If a customer receives a disconnect notice and makes arrangements to pay at a later date and then fails to do so, no new notice will be posted, the customer will be shut off and charged a reconnect fee.

 *Only one arrangement can be made, if the customer cannot pay at the arranged

 date, they will be shut off.

2. Customers will receive 30-day shut-off notices if they ignore our request to

 fix leaks on their property.  If they do not fix the leak within 30 days of the

 notice, they will be turned off until the leak is fixed, but will not be charged

 a reconnect fee.

*This statement was adopted by the Board on May 12, 1994

3. In cases of "Hardship" as approved by Lyon County, two base rates will be

 billed and then any water over the 2 allotted base usages will be billed the

 extra amount.

4. If a new customer cannot pay the entire deposit when applying for new service,

 they may be allowed to pay half with the remainder due no later than 30 days

 from that date.

5. **If a customer's water is turned off for any reason, with exceptions for

 emergency repairs to water lines, it is the policy of the SGID that their service

 will only be restored between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

 This is for the safety of our maintenance personnel and not to cause any undue

 hardships to our customers.

 To make sure that you are not without water overnight, please pay your bills

 before the end of our working hours for whichever day you are scheduled to pay.

6. People staying in travel trailers, motor-homes, etc. will be allowed to do so for 90 days without the property owner having to pay an additional water bill.

**This policy was adopted by the Board on December 19, 1996.

7.         A time limit of ninety (90) days is established for customers to dispute bill

             discrepancies.  Disputes must be submitted in writing.***

***This policy was adopted by the Board on March 8, 2012


Any sub divider or developer desiring the expansion of water service to property outside original District boundaries within the designated service area shall make a written application therefore to the Board.  Said application to contain the legal description of the property to be served and the number of proposed hookups and additional information which may be required by the Board, and be accompanied by a survey showing the location of all easements and the proposed improvements.

Upon receipt of the developer’s application, the District shall make an investigation of the proposed expansion.

The Board shall thereupon consider said application and report, and after such consideration, either reject or approve it.

Upon approval of the project by the District, the applicant shall provide to District three (3) sets of engineered plans, setting forth the proposed improvements, and upgrades necessary to the system required to reasonably meet the needs of the additional hookups.  These plans will be reviewed by the District’s Engineer a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the regularly scheduled District meeting will review these plans.

If the application is approved, the developer desiring service must petition the District for inclusion.  The District must put a Notice of Public Hearing in the Leader/Courier 30 days prior to a Public Hearing meeting.  If the petition is approved, the District must draw up an “Order to Enlarge the District Boundaries”.  The “Order to Enlarge” must be sent to the Recorder’s Office for recording, with a copy to the Assessor’s Office so the parcel(s) can be added to the rolls.  The developer must also sign an Acknowledgment stating they are aware they will be subject to all Rules and Regulations and also subject to the Service Availability Fee.

A licensed contractor shall install all lines under contract.  The sub divider/developer shall pay for all line extensions, storage requirements and water lines necessary to complete looping of the system.

The total cost of all main line extensions and necessary upgrades to the water system to service all property outside of the original service area together with plan check and inspection fees, cut and building permits, and all other costs and fees, including the cost of any necessary right of ways or easements shall be paid by the developer requesting the project as herein provided.

All extensions thus provided for, in accordance with this regulation, shall be transferred to District without cost after passing all required tests and disinfection, together with all easements and rights of way.  Final acceptance by the Board is subject to one (1) year warranty by contractor/developer.

The minimum water main extension pipe size is 8-inch diameter pipe.  Should the Board desire to install facilities of a greater diameter than the minimum required, a report shall be prepared by the District justifying the over sizing of the facilities.  The developer of the property requesting the water main extension shall then meet with the Board.  If the Board requires oversized facilities, the Board shall determine what percentage of the material cost shall be borne by the District.

No dead-end lines shall be permitted.

The District’s Engineer shall approve the size, type and quality of materials and location of all lines and improvements.  The applicant will be required to obtain and pay for all necessary rights-of-way and easements for construction of said lines.  The following general conditions shall apply, in addition to any specific conditions set by the District.

The District shall approve materials for construction of pipelines.

Lines and grades of water mains must be as approved by the District Engineer.  Depths of pipe shall be not less than 36 inches to top of pipe.  Special requirements may be dictated if necessary in the opinion of the District.

Valves shall be installed as required by the District.

Fire hydrants shall be as approved by the Central Lyon County Fire District and SGID.  Hydrant line valves shall be located as approved.

All main extensions shall meet the requirements of the District, Uniform Plumbing Code and State Health Regulations.

In addition to the cost of any project, the person or persons requesting hookup must pay to the District all hookup fees, and other costs required at time service is established.

The plan check fees as herein required to be deposited with District shall be an amount reasonably necessary for the District to hire an independent engineer to review and approve the plans submitted for the proposed improvements.  The inspection fees as herein required are fees reasonably necessary for the District to hire an independent engineer to oversee and inspect the required work.  There will be a $1,500.00 deposit made to the District to cover plan check fees, any unused portion of which will be returned to the applicant by the District.  Any excess costs will be billed to the applicant and must be paid before water service will be established.

BHPS plan review fee is the responsibility of the Contractor/Developer.

All development plans and installation of improvements to the system shall be inspected and accepted by the Board of Directors.  The District may make extension to the facilities constructed under this section without obligation or liability to the applicant.

The Board will require the applicant to post a Surety Bond, cash or other security with the District in the amount of 50% of the gross cost of the project to guarantee the satisfactory completion of the required improvements in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the Board.


Water rights: Those individuals outside the original water district, but within the boundaries as shown on the attached map (Exhibit “A”) may petition the District to provide water service.

In addition to paying all related costs (including hook up fees) and the cost of any necessary main line extension and upgrades to the water system, they shall supply additional water rights to the District sufficient for the number of anticipated additional water hookups.

Those water rights may be supplied as follows:

A. Upon the approval by the State Engineer those EXISTING lots or parcels within the area designated on map (Exhibit “A”) as shown with the blue line.  (Proposed Service Area) may meet the water right required by the relinquishment of their domestic well right and the abandonment of any wells on the property.

B. Any person wishing to split, parcel or subdivide any of the property shown on map (Exhibit “A”) as designated in the proposed service area hereto, may only receive water service from District upon tendering and transferring to District, without cost, sufficient water rights to serve all the additional proposed lots.


$61.00/Month for 25,000 gallons – for every 1000 gallons over 25,000, $3.00 will be charged.

Effective July 1, 2018

Bills are due on the 25th of every month – you have until the last day of the month before late charges are incurred.

Late Charges – a 10% penalty will be charged on all past due bills.  1 ½% is charged on already existing late charges.

Disconnect Notice Fee – If your bill has not been paid by the last day of the month, and arrangements have not been made with the office, a disconnect notice will be delivered to your door, at a cost of $15.00, on the 1st working day of the month.  If you receive a notice the $15.00 will not be waived under any circumstances.

Auto-Pay – is available, simply sign up in the office and the amount due will be deducted from your payment source the 25th day of the month.

E-invoicing- is available simply give us your E-mail Address and you will get an invoice emailed to you.

Equal Payment Program- (EPP) is also available.

We do the best to serve the public and keep all information on our web site current. However, it is an ongoing endeavor to keep all information current. Some things may have been updated since last web update.

If you have questions please contact the District Office directly

@ 775-629-0849.