Stagecoach General Improvement District

Ordinance Highlights


$61.00/Month for 25,000 gallons – for every 1000 gallons over 25,000, $3.00 will be charged.

Bills are due on the 25th of every month – you have until the last day of the month before late charges are incurred.

Late Charges – a 10% penalty will be charged on all past due bills.  1 ½% is charged on already existing late charges.

Disconnect Notice Fee – If your bill has not been paid by the last day of the month, and arrangements have not been made with the office, a disconnect notice will be delivered to your door, at a cost of $15.00, on the 1st working day of the month.  If you receive a notice the $15.00 will not be waived under any circumstances.

Auto-Pay – is available, simply sign up in the office and the amount due will be deducted from your payment source the 25th day of the month.

E-invoicing- is available simply give us your E-mail Address and you will get an invoice emailed to you.

Equal Payment Program- (EPP) is also available.