Our Address:

5000 Navajo Trail

Stagecoach Nevada, 89429


How to get to us

Stagecoach is on most maps. We are just off of HWY 50 West.  Turn north off of the HWY on Apache Dr. and go a short distance to Navajo.  We are on the far right hand corner of those two streets. Hwy 50 runs east, from Carson City to Nevada's border with Utah. We are 9 miles west of Hwy 95A.

From Carson City:

From the main street in Carson City (Hwy 395), take Hwy 50 East to our location.  We are 26 1/2 miles from the intersection of 395 and 50 in Carson.  On this stretch of Hwy, you will pass through the communities of Moundhouse, Dayton and then Stagecoach.

From the city of Reno:

There are 3 ways coming in from Reno:

  1.  Hwy 395 through Carson City: Take Hwy 395 south out of Reno to Carson City.  See"From Carson City" above.

  2.  Hwy 80 east through the city of Fernley:

Take Hwy 80 east out of Reno to Hwy 95A, where you turn right (south).  This is the first exit for the town of Fernley.  Follow 95A into the center of town (a very short drive), where you turn right at the light to continue on 95A.  It is then about a 13 mile drive to Silver Springs, where you turn right on Hwy 50 (there's a flashing red light that you have to stop at).  You are now 9 miles from our location.  See "where we are" above to find us.  This is the route most people would take from Reno.  It's a little shorter then going through Carson City as well as being faster.

  3.  Hwy 341, over the mountains, through Virginia City:

Take Hwy 395 south out of Reno to Hwy 341, where you turn left (east).  Continue into Virginia City where you turn left (south) on  Mill St which becomes Six Mile Canyon.  Follow this road to Hwy 50 where you turn left (east).  You are now about 8 to 9 miles from us.  See "where we are" above to find us.  This is the shortest and fastest route as well as being the most scenic, but it is up the mountains on one side and down on the other side and is not one to use if it is snowy or icy. These are all good, well maintained two lane roads.

Coming in from the East:

Coming in from the east on Hwy 80, you would turn off on Hwy 95A at Fernley.  You would turn left (south).  See "From the city of Reno" #2 for directions from Fernley.

Coming in on Hwy 50, you will stop at the flashing red light at Silver Springs (Hwy 95A).  you are then about 9 miles from us.  See "Where we are" above to find us.

Coming in from the west  (California)

Coming in from southern Nevada (Las Vegas)

Take Hwy 95 north out of Las Vegas.  Continue until a few miles past Walker Lake, where you would turn left (west) on Hwy 95A.  Continue into the the city of Yerington, where you would continue north on 95A to Hwy 50 in Silver Springs.  There is a flashing light at this intersection that you have to stop at.  Turn left on Hwy 50 (west).  See "where we are" above to find us.


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All roads lead to Carson City or Reno (including 395 from the south).  Follow directions above, from either of these two cities.

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