Our District’s Refund and Privacy Policies

Refund Policy

Stagecoach General Improvement District processes three types of refunds for utility accounts. Refunds are issued either by credit to an active account or by check for closed accounts. No interest will be applied to refunds.

Final Utility Accounts: Credit balances on final utility accounts are processed monthly. Refund amounts are determined through system generated reports.

Customer Deposits: Deposits required for customer accounts will be available to be credited to the account after one year of service provided that the customer has paid their bills on time during that period. Upon termination of service, the deposit will be applied to the account for the final bill to satisfy any outstanding charges. If there is money left, the remainder will be issued to the customer by check.

Hydrant Meter Deposits: Deposits for temporary hydrant meters are returned to the customer upon payment in full of the meter charges for water use and the use of the meter. Deposits will be applied to the final bill to satisfy any outstanding charges and if there is money left a refund will be processed.

Privacy Policy

Any information acquired on this site is for the sole purpose of processing utility bill payments for SGID accounts. Information is for the use by the SGID to insure that proper credit is given for utility billing purposes. No information will be used or released to third party vendors or solicitors. No vital credit card or account information is stored at this site.